In today‚Äôs challenging and dynamic financial world everyone has to stand up for particular business interests and to avoid making compromises about them. GO Finance Group, Varna is your business partner who will help you to deal with all obstacles placed on the road to success in business. We know that to catalyze the success we have to know what influences it and how systematically to do the things which provide positive influence. We call this intelligent strategic move. You can expect from us exactly that kind of moves in our mutual business relationship.

   Every client of GO Finance Group who has signed an Agreement for subscription accounting services will receive free of charge overall legal services and tax consultancy and optimization for its corporate activity.

   We in GO Finance Group represent our clients in front of every state institution and we prepare and take care for the necessary legal documentation.

   This way of integrated business services allows us to concentrate all types of services (accounting, tax and legal) which are necessary for the administrative functions of every company. This way our clients save time and money, which they can invest in their business.